Teaching notes, tutorials and slide presentations on statistical methods, mostly on molecular epidemiology and precision medicine

This page includes slide presentations, tutorials, and notes prepared when advising students colleagues, and other researchers

Notes on calculating sample size requirements for testing a null hypothesis with extensions to two-step Mendelian randomization

Notes on the C-statistic as a measure of predictive performance: now in press, see this preprint

Notes on fitting survival models in R and evaluating predictive performance

Tutorial on using Stan or PyMC3 to fit penalized regression models

Tutorial on weighing of evidence using Bayesian probability calculus

Tutorial on using Stan for generalized linear mixed models

Slide presentations

Admixture and stratification

Genetic association and prediction

Prediction and Mendelian randomization

Using GWAS summary statistics to construct polygenic scores for testing and prediction

Statistical modelling of risk factors for hypoglycemic attacks